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From the IUCN World Conservation Congress

to the UN Biodiversity Convention

The date will be announced soon


At a time where international negotiations are pushed online, limiting the visibility of the  IUCN motions voted last September, how can webinars help encourage exchanges on essential topics such as Marine Protected Areas, Coastal communities adaptation to Climate Change and protecting polar ecosystems?

Three main subjects are covered in the 109 motions adopted by the IUCN: recommendations on protecting endangered species and ecosystems, supporting policies and strategies for more efficient protection of biodiversity, and implementing stronger actions against anthropogenic pressure on nature. Each motion has been approved by at least 50 % of the States and 50 % of the NGOs.

The ambitions determined thanks to this major event for the scientific and conservation communities will set the tone for the upcoming UN Biodiversity COP. So what do international law experts think of the ongoing negotiations? What message is the IUCN trying to convey? And what can we learn from practitioners on the field? 

This webinar is brought to you by the French Biodiversity Agency, the Ocean University Initiative, and the IUCN.

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